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Sales & Purchases:


We can supply all common load carriers, in any form, any design, and any quality.

We are also happy to buy large quantities of Euro-pallets from trade and industry.

Exchange / Pallet Pool:


Most companies have their own stocks of pallets. But these are not always of the required quality, and not always in the right place. We can deliver Euro-pallets in the required quantities to the desired location. In return, you provide us with your pallets, wherever they are located.

Important Information:

EPAL/Euro-pallets remain fully exchangeable!
From 1/8/2013 onwards, EPAL/Euro-pallets have been uniformly marked with the EPAL logo in the oval on all corner blocks and can be exchanged without any restriction with pallets manufactured previously under the EPAL licence.

Pallets which only bear the EPAL logo on the left corner block, and those that only have the EUR label with the mark of a national railway company, can also still be exchanged. If pallets licensed and quality-assured by UIC and bearing the EUR marking are manufactured in future, it will also be possible to exchange these through the public Euro-pallet exchange pool.

Evidence of the eligibility for exchange is shown by the EPAL or EUR markings.

Pallet repair

Palleten-Logistics in Karlsruhe has a skilled team of experts with experience from classical pallet trading to the convenient exchange and expert repair of load carriers.

Over the years, the repair of damaged Euro-pallets has developed into another core area of business.

Thanks to its EPAL approval, Palleten-Logistics in Karlsruhe is one of Germany’s largest certified Euro-pallet repair companies. 

Euro-pallets serviced in our modern repair workshop are checked and approved through our stringent internal quality management system and by EPAL inspection agencies.

This guarantees a permanent and consistent high level of quality.

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